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Itinerary Intro

National Center for Traditional Arts
The National Center for Traditional Arts is officially established in 28th of January 2002 and located by the river bank of the Dongshan River with 24 hectares. It was established to promote and preserve Taiwanese culture, covering traditional drama, music, crafts, dance, children's play, folk acrobatics, etc. and creating good traditional Chinese art. The environment and talent cultivation. In the centre there're drama halls, art halls, folk art houses, traditional snack bars and so on.

Qinghe Bridge-Jinmei Boardwalk
The original purpose of the boardwalk was connecting the two sides of the strait for the pedestrian path. Therefore, because of the special design, it attracted a lot of people coming to view. The surface of the boardwalk is made of wood and metal, however looks more like water pipes and barbed wire. If you observe carefully, you will notice that the plants are actually used as decorations. After many years, the rapid growth of the plants gives the boardwalk an abandoned rustic look. While strolling along the lengthy mysterious walkway, you can view the beautiful scenery where the river is intertwined with the greenery. Not only is it a famous photo taking the spot for Instagram, but it is also one of the popular places for holidaying or relax on the weekend. If you have the opportunity to come to Yilan, don't forget to visit [Qinghe Bridge Jinmei Boardwalk].。

Wei-Shui's Hill
Jiaoxi secret attractions: a midair platform extending from a building, infinity view of the Lanyang’s area, view of the Guishan Island(Turtle Island), the stacked greenery hills, high and low vertical and horizontal houses shown in Lanyang, unobstructed view of the beautiful scenery.

Toucheng Old Street
Toucheng Old Street is the oldest street in Toucheng Township and used to be known as “Touwei Street”. During the Qing dynasty, it became a highly prosperous economic center due to its proximity to the Wushi Harbour. It was the only commercial harbor in the Lanyang area at that time. The signs of wear and tear on the walls attest to the overall flourishing and fading of Old Street.

Toucheng Forest Park
“Toucheng Forest Park” is located in the waterfront of Dakengli, Toucheng. It is a large scenic spot in Yilan County. Formerly known as the Toucheng bathing beach and the coastal forest park is a huge scenic spot in Yilan. The octagonal lookout deck and spiral staircase inside the building which is popular for social media influencer take their photo shoot here!.

Seaview Coffee
Coffee and ocean are adjacent and facing the Guishan Island(Turtle Island). It’s enjoyable to have fresh brew coffee and fresh local food from the farm and with an infinity view of the Pacific Ocean. It is a very quiet café where you can feel the sound of the sea.

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