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Two Days Trip
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Itinerary Intro


Toucheng Forest Park
Formerly known as the Toucheng bathing beach, the coastal forest park is a huge scenic spot in Yilan. The octagonal lookout deck is the hot spot for Instagram check in! 360 degrees of mountain and sea, every floor can enjoy the different angles of the scenery. Possibly, you can also view the Guishan Island(Turtle Island) as well.

SOPHiSCA (Candy Workshop)
In 1997, the first professional candy store was established in Taiwan, with thousands of varieties of candies, marshmallows, lollipops, chocolates, soft candies, healthy nuts and dates. Creative gift boxes, custom-made packaging and innovative candy bouquets are available as well. You can also enjoy the food and experience the fun of DIY candy.

Meihua Lake
Meihua Lake is a natural reservoir that faces mountains on three sides. It is because the shape of the lake having resemblance to a Japanese Plum Blossom with five petals, it was named Meihua Lake. Meihua Lake not only has a rich ecology, but also provides farmland irrigation and water resource cultivation as a beautiful natural reservoir. In the scenic area, there is a path going around the Lake with a total length of 4 km, which is suitable for tourists to bike along and enjoy the gorgeous lake scenery.

↓↓↓There’s “café tea sweets” managing by a Taiwanese famous writer Mrs. Wu Tan Ju where you can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee.

About 5 minutes walk from Meihua Lake, there’s a café name “Duck Dock” which is operated by a former cabin crew. The colourful furniture and wooden decoration provide an European atmosphere. There’s also a large outdoor trampoline which is available for your recreation.↓↓↓You may also just relax with a cup of tea or coffee and rest and chat.

Village Churrasco
The “Village Churrasco” originally was a restaurant. Because of the wooden architecture and huge red lanterns, you could mistakenly think you are in Japan. The huge characteristic decoration and landscaping with red colour has an illusion of a monster village which attracted a lot of visitors. The fresh baked bread, creative meals and signature gifts are one of the highlights here.

Kuchen Kennwort Museum
Kuchen Kennwort Museum has the most difficult to make a cake in the world – Baumkuchen. There is also a delicious dripping yogurt, tiramisu, vanilla puff and the most classic honey cake series~~ Lots of cakes and food are waiting for you to enjoy~

Liuyi Village Hot pot
The authentic Chongqing hot pot, double flavor hot pot, healthy pork base hot pot, spicy black jelly tofu! There are also handmade beef noodles~


Jim & Dad's Brewing Company
The winery has a comfortable drinking space, you can choose from a number of craft beers from the factory directly. There’s an outdoor seating area, where you can relax and enjoy your leisure time, outdoor sports kits are available for rental. The 5-storey building you give a panoramic view of Lanyang area.

Bee Farmer
"Bee Famer" will be a knowledgeable, cultural, interesting and ecological bee tour, let you intimately and experience the magical world of the bees. After exploring the world of bees, you can enjoy the adorable Honey Café. There’s a light meal and honey feasts to satisfy your Lunch or Dinner!

Neipi beach & Mediterranean Casa

Neipi Beach
Neipi Bay is surrounded by mountains and sea and commands an amazing view to the best spot for the sunrise from the east along with the magnificent, awe-inspiring tides and waves. This romantic view has attracted the lovers come to enjoy the memorable moment and that's they called “Lover's Bay”.

Mediterranean casa
The restaurant and the building are decorated with a blue and white Santorini Greek-inspired atmosphere, at the rooftop you can clearly see the view of the Neipi Bay. The window seat has the perfect panoramic view of the mountains and the sea. This restaurant is one of the bucket list for all of the travellers to Yilan.

Tangweigou Hot Spring Park
Tangweigou Hot Spring Park, also known as "Jiaoxi SPA", the park features elaborately designed with green landscape and pavilion view where you can enjoy the outdoor foot spa, and Dr.Fish/Garra Rufa spa, as well as the busker performance. Don't forget to take the picture as much as can for your memory moment.

Yih Shun Shuian(Bakery shop)
Everyone knows Yih Shun Shuain, one of the famous souvenir gifts in Yilan. There’s variety of the bakery, cake, dessert, the most important is the price is reasonable!

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Description of Cost

Cost Included:

- Fuel
- Tolls
- Parking Fee
- Designated Driving Service
- Passenger Accident Insurance

Cost not Included:

- Tickets
- Personal Consumption
- Meal Expenses
- Accomdation
- Overtime Charge (NTD 500/hour)


- Once the booking process has been completed, our customer service representative will contact the travelers for the driver's details (including the contact number and car plate number).
- In case of any massive traffic control due to the unexpected crowd, travelers may have to take the shuttle bus or other transportations at their own expense.
- In the event of any unforeseen circumstances, unexpected weather, traffic, a new itinerary will be rescheduled and rearranged by travellers and driver.
- Please prepare your own sunblock, umbrella and drinking water during the summer season.
- In the event of any unforeseen circumstances, unexpected weather, traffic, a new itinerary will be rescheduled and rearranged by travellers and driver and Haplay Tour will responsible for the charter car service hours.
- No pets allowed, otherwise Haplay Tour has the right to cancel the itinerary and non-refundable.


10% administration fees will be charged for cancellation in one week and one week above before the tour commencement.
- 50% administration fees will be charged for cancellation within one week before the tour commencement, to compensate for the loss of driver and local guide.
- Non-refundable for cancellation within 24 hours before the tour commencement, to compensate for the loss of driver and local guide.

* In the event of the company's inability to complete the itinerary:
- Full refund.
- If you fall to sick on the day, please provide your medical certificate for inspection and 10% of the administration fees will be charged.

- Accommodation cancellation is based on the accommodation‘s stipulated refund policy, please consider your own discretion and confirm with the customer service in advance.